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The Pomades I will be reviewing

Pomade is one piece of hair product that has been around for a very long time!
From my knowledge it has actually been around since the 1800's in one form or another. Sure back then it was more than likely big fat or something PETA would have a field day with. 

It wasn't till the 20th century that the likes of bee's wax and petroleum jelly became the base product of choice for a range of wonderful pomades, brands such as Sweet Georgia Brown, Murrays, Royal Crown, Brylcreem and many many more... really the choice is endless as there are so many different brands.

So I've decided I'd a do a lil review of a few different pomades I have tried over time. To me pomade is certainly one of those things that you don't necessarily have to stay loyal to when it comes to brands. I mean yeah it's rad to find a pomade that really works for you but it's also one of those products which you can freely mix. Infact there are groups on Facebook  that discuss different blends, with talk about bases and toppers etc. 
I won't go into much detail with that though.

Something to remember when using pomade. It's recommended to warm it up or soften it. This is done by rubbing it in your palms or using a hair dryer to melt the pomade. Somethin I discovered when I first started using pomade was that it comes in a tin because it originally was heated up on the stove. But don't do that, it's silly!  

So here are the pomades I will be taking a look at.
High Life
Cock Grease
Uppercut Deluxe

So here we go!!

Murrays Pomade

Murrays has been around for freaking ages, since 1925 infact! Mr C.D. Murray started formulating and selling right outa his barber shop in Chicago.

Murrays Super Light Pomade and Murrays Original Pomade

I'll start with the Super Light. I've used this pomade for many many years and is one I pretty much keep a tin of when I am not experimenting with other pomades.
First Impressions - Has a light cloudy yellow tinge to it and feels quite light, no need for a chisel to get into this coconutty fragranced pomade, comes out nice n easy. 
If you are looking for super hold so you can quiff ya hair, forget about it this is not the pomade for you. It's predominantly designed to slick ya hair back or for the cool part. You could probably get away with a small quiff but don't expect it to stand high. 
One of the reasons I really like this pomade is the shine, man this pomade has a brilliant shine to it. 
Also another winner with this pomade is the scent it carries. The fragrance is a pleasant coco-nutty smell that sticks around for a while. One of the down falls with this particular pomade is that you need to re-apply after a day or two, mainly because the shine goes away and the hold just doesn't stick around. 
I highly recommend this pomade mainly because it's reliable, looks good, is nice n easy on the pocket ($$$) and is readily available from alot of salons and stores that specialise in hair products.

Murray's original pomade is the very first pomade I ever tried and still use to date. 
First Impression - It too has a light cloudy yellow tinge but needs a little more effort when it comes to getting the right amount onto ya finger.
Just like the super light this original pomade has a nice scent of coconut that will have the ladies sniffing your head, possibly taking the attention away from your armpits. 
Now this stuff has great hold, You wanna put ya hair high up... no worries. The original murrays pomade will do the job for ya!
My gripes with this product is it gets quite clumpy, meaning I've found it clumps together after a day or so. A nice hot shower generally remedies this but by showering takes away abit of the integrity of the hold.
As this pomade has a matt finish I tend to mix in a small amount of light so i have the shine and hold.

Murrays do a few other pomades, including Nu Nile which is more of a medium hold pomade.It's one I do want to get around to trying min the near future.


High Life Voodoo Brew and High Life Medium Hold

Ok now this pomade is killer stuff! I've been using High life products for about a year now and I really gotta say I am impressed. From what I have read the high life product isn't that different from alot of the other pomades on the market, however that said their recipe is slightly different in the fact they add tea tree oil and emu oil "to strengthen and rejuvenate the hair roots. This counter acts with the other oils so it isn’t as greasy". (Direct Quote from the website)

So far I have only tried both the Medium Hold and the Voodoo Brew.
First impression - The Medium hold is very cloudy white in colour with a pleasant vanilla fragrance, also quite easy to get out of the tin.
The medium hold is pretty much perfect for most styles. The life of this pomade is pretty damn amazing as well. Personally I really like to keep the pomade in for a long time and really test the life span of it. I can honestly say High life has great longevity, I was able to keep the pomade in for nearly a week, showering everyday and i was still able to style it in some fashion. 
The Voodoo Brew is not for the faint hearted, it's heavy as hell with very little sheen to it. 
First Impression - Open the tin and BAM, the pomade is dark cloudy purple. It's awesome to look at! Boy is it hard to get outa the tin as well!
You wanna put ya hair up...then this is pretty much ideal. Be sure to really work this stuff in the palm first before applying it because it is substantially thicker than most normal pomades. As with the medium hold pomade, the voodoo brew has a great lifespan, even after several washes (just water) this pomade still has a great hold. 

Overall I can honestly say this is a brilliant pomade brand. I cannot wait to see what else they can come up with.

DAX HIGH & TIGHT - Awesome Shine

Now Dax are a really well know pomade brand that have several different types of pomade, but also a vast array of different hair care and hair styling products. It's quite impressive if you go to their website . But I'm going to focus on the one Dax product I have tried. Dax High & Tight - Awesome Shine.
Straight of the bat I was intreagued because on the can it says awesome shine but is also meant to be a high and tight. Now generally in my experience, pomades that have a high shine factor generally don't hold as well as your heavy low sheen pomades. So I was keen to test this pomade out.

First impressions - The pomade is a really nice light blue colour with a great gloss to it! It's also nice and easy to get out of the tin.
As with alot of lighter glossier pomades this pomades needs very little work as it is really quite light and doesn't need alot of rubbing (:P)
I really love the smell of this stuff as well, i dunno how you would describe it, according to it has a 'moss lavender fragrance'.. go figure. I'm just glad it's different!
Anyway, this pomade really does have a great sheen to it for that 'I somehow came out of the shower with my hair looking wet but somehow styled appropriately' look. The hold is average, I had to recomb my hair a few times but i don't mind that, it's why i carry a comb with me see. Longevity of this pomade isn't that long but when it comes to a 'shiny' pomade i generally find I will reapply for the shine instead of the hold.
Either way I recommend this pomade if you are slicking back your hair or doing the slick part. Quiff or pomp wise, this pomade just isn't designed for those styles.

Uppercut Pomade

This is a relatively new pomade that just came out on the market within the past few years. Now I won a competition to give this pomade a try, so what you see is the sample packs. On the left is hair clay, which I admit openly... I have never used. 
However I have been using pomade for many many years and thankfully, I received a sample of their Pomade.
One thing that is really cool about this pomade.... It's Australian! Yup, finally Australia has it's own pomade. It's also a pomade to be quite proud of as well!
One thing you really must be aware of with this pomade is that it is WATER SOLUBLE, so unlike a lot of pomades out there don't expect this stuff to last a long time!

First Impression - Since this is an aussie pomade I think it's fitting that it has the same colour as beer (*runs to fridge to get a beer*). Smell wise, vanilla (seems to be the usual pomade fragrance). Also comes out of the tin quite easily.
Now I unfortunately, haven't used a water-soluble pomade before, I kind of don't see the point but thats just me. I'm sure there are many reasons. Anyways, I've been told and have read that alot of these water soluble pomades have an issue with shine, but I didn't notice it with this pomade. It had quite the nice shine to it. Hold factor, probably around the medium hold area. 
If you are going to do anything that involves you sweating be it wrecking, dancing, playing volleyball or sexy time then this pomade may not be the best choice for those activities. Simply because it breaks down really quickly. 

Overall, for a water-soluble pomade I was quite impressed. I cannot wait to see what other pomades this company comes out with! Also..
I will endeavor to try different types of water soluble pomades eventually. 


Straight of the bat, you can't but at least have a smirk at this pomades name COCK GREASE... great marketing! This is one of many different types of pomade as well such as their 'X' style which is a heavier pomade (similar to 'Murrays Original), 'XXX' style which is their super heavy style of pomade (similar to High Life 'Voodoo Brew') & they also have 'Beaver Cream' for the ladies!!

First Impressions - The pomade is a cloudy yellowish colour with a vanilla-coconutty fragrance. Nice and and easy to get out of the tin as well.
This particular pomade is their 'NO X' style of pomade. I guess you would call it their medium hold with a medium sheen pomade. 
I don't mind this pomade at all to be honest. For the style I currently do my hair, it's pretty much perfect. The thing i I really like about this pomade is that it isn't too waxy, which is really really cool. I find with the heavily wax based pomades you get this really clumpy seperation when applied to ya hair. Thankfully this pomade doesn't do that. 
Longevity of this pomade isn't the greatest, as I have said before I really like to try and get the best wear out of my pomades or i'd be going through a tin or more a week

Overall, I am really quite impressed with this pomade. I find i don't have to mix two pomades together as it it has adequate hold for my liking. 

Well folks that's my review on 7 different types of Pomade... hope it helps.
Below are links to online shops where you can purchase these great pomades!

Murrays Pomade -

High Life Pomade -


Uppercut Deluxe -

Cock Grease -

Monday, 23 January 2012

Some Killer ART!

Art work by Brother Greg from The Black Market Art Company.
Available at Ruff n Ready
There are plenty of really good artists out there with plenty to offer.
But for me it's about having easy access to some awesome work as well as it being affordable.
So where is a great place to get your hands on some great work from some brilliant artists?
Yes, yes I'll tell you in good time.... Just let me babble on a bit here ok.
To start off with, I think it's important to have a look at a few of the artist's I find appealing.Who knows maybe you think the same way!

Art work by Brother Greg from The Black Market Art Company.
Available at Ruff n Ready
Brother Greg  -  Brother Greg is Greg Rancourt, artist and tattooist with over 18 years in the business. Brother Greg is also owner of San Clemente Tattoo. One of things I really enjoy about his art work is the simplicity of it all. He doesn't try and over complicate the work. I really like how he pays close attention to the main elements of his work and not go over board with an elaborate background!

There are a couple of prints available to buy at Ruff n Ready

Andre Perales - Andre 'Dre' Perales was born and raised in southern California. He has been professionally tattooing for five years and working his way around America and Hawaii. In Andre's work you can clearly see some heavy influence from the one and only Sailor Jerry. So if you are a fan of Sailor Jerry then Andre's work is almost a must have!
Art work by Andre Perales.
Available at Ruff n Ready
Art work by Andre Perales.
Available at Ruff n Ready
There are plenty more brilliant art to be found on Ruff n Ready. So do yourself a favour and check out the ART section!


Friday, 13 January 2012


Thought I'd do an introduction about this blog and what it is I'd like to achieve with it!
I am a massive fan of Kustom Kulture. But naturally you may be wondering what exactly Kustom Kulture is. Wikipedia actually have a pretty damn good description of what it actually is!

"Kustom Kulture" is an neologism used to describe the artworksvehicleshairstyles, and fashions of those who drove and built custom cars and motorcycles in the 1950s through today.

I guess spelling Kustom and Kulture with a 'K' is just there to make it a lil different from Custom Culture.
Essentially the aim of this blog is to just write about some really cool places in Australia and around the world that  sell and promote alot of products that have something to do with Kustom Kulture.
So stick around .... you may or may not learn something!